The need to read

The need to read

I was a late comer to reading, as a child I would rather run around, climb, watch a film, pretty much do anything other than read. It was during my year of travel that I found the joy of reading. Once I was away from the general distractions of life, I was faced with more time than I had ever had and not much to fill it.

Enter a book given to me by a fellow hostel guest; Andy McNab Aggressor and I found a joy for reading. Since that time I have tried to have at least one book to read at any one time, I have even managed to read the Bible in a year 5 times

This month's wellbeing challenge was a great reminder to pick up a book again as the habit had fallen away. I reserved a book online to collect at Hitchin Library and have been working my way through and even ordered a second!

Reading has also helped with getting better sleep as I tend to read before going to sleep. It is a great way to wind down, in fact every evening I read three books with my daughter Lily - she loves reading. Current favourite titles include:

Perhaps you're not a big fan of reading, don't feel like you have the time or have not found the right book to get you started. There is hope! The Reading Agency have some great tips and pointers on finding the right book.

I have found this challenge to be very helpful and has rekindled my love of reading. Why not try it and let us know how you get on.