NHS Taskforce report

NHS Taskforce report

Recently the government released the Taskforce report about the current state of mental health services across England, I would encourage you to download it and have a read yourself.

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Some of the key findings and recommendations were how the NHS needs to have a more proactive approach looking at prevention. This is something that we are extremely passionate about. Phase is delivering projects aimed at giving young people the skills and tools to better equip them to deal with the complexities of been young in todays world, along with this, we are developing key programmes that build the preventative foundation blocks.

1 in 10 children aged 5-16 have a diagnosable mental health problem

Prevention matters - it’s the only way that lasting change can be achieved. Helping people lead ful lled, productive lives is not the remit of the NHS alone. It involves good parenting and school support during the early years

Throughout the report it talks about community organisations being involved in improving the provision and support for people's mental health. This is exciting for Phase, as we want to see this awareness grow and have been working in this area for some time.

As with all things it will take time, money and lots of hard work. If you would like to know how you can help Phase make a difference, then checkout our giving page and become a Phase partner.