Beth Tweddle comes to mind, bending over backwards, doing flips and somehow managing to land perfectly. Secondly, all the things in life which somehow I am supposed to balance – relationships, faith, work, rest, creativity, health and exercise.

Unfortunately, we are not all made with the skills of Beth Tweddle, and so balance in that sense is a lot harder to achieve. However, the balance of our priorities and life is a lot more in our control. How balanced are you?

One way I try to live a balanced life is by being organised - knowing what I am doing, when and where. I have my bullet journal filled with lists of things to do (what is a bullet journal? Have a peek here), trying to keep some sort of order to the chaos which apparently is my life. But, just having a diary doesn’t help me feel particularly balanced. If anything, I look at everything which is coming up and panic about how on earth am I supposed to do all of this? Balance is never going to come from writing everything down. However, it does help me look at my priorities (for more on priorities, have a look at Helen's post). What things do I absolutely have to do and what can I let slide? If I already have 26 things in one week, it’s probably best not to try and organise a catch up with a friend. Or, if they are my priority for the week, I can reschedule some of the other 26 things.

I also try to remind myself that you don’t have to do everything by yourself. I can ask for help when everything is too much. The Bible talks about the church bearing each other’s burdens. When you are having a tough week, let me take some of the stress away. And when I’m having a tough week, you can do the same for me. Check up on others, and provide balance in other people’s lives as well as letting them help you balance yours. My other big reminder is that it’s okay to give yourself space. Just because you have a deadline, doesn’t mean you have to burn out putting every minute of every day into it. I can become so involved in one thing I have to do, that I forget to take time out, or when I do, I feel guilty about wasting time. But God actually commands his people to take rest, and proper rest. It’s in the same list that says don’t murder or steal – it’s that important! In rest, we can be refreshed by God, recharged, and return to the things we were doing with fresh eyes. For Elijah (1 Kings 19:10-14) God wasn’t in the storm or fire, he was in the quietness – in the resting.

I am not very good at leading a balanced life all the time. I don’t think anyone is (except maybe Beth Tweddle). But I am trying to put some of these small steps in place to become a little more balanced, a little more God-centred and you can too!