April Wellbeing Challenge

April Wellbeing Challenge

We are officially ¼ of the way through the year, I feel like it’s flown by.
So far on our challenges we’ve increased our water intake, learnt a new skill and tried some things to build on our spiritual wellbeing.
Wait! What’s that I hear you say, you haven’t done any of the challenges 🙈? Guess what, that is absolutely fine you can join in with us this month.


Now I’m not asking anyone to go off and do any crazy diets and this is not about weight loss or a punishment. This is simply about trying something new or helping you to make the change you’ve always wanted.

Unlike last month’s challenge this month you have more of a choice.
Here are your options:-

  1. Change or eliminate something from your diet e.g. go dairy free , gluten free , no fizzy drinks or even no fast food
  2. Introduce or eat more of something e.g. eat more fruit and veg or drink more water or
  3. Try a diet that has more set rules e.g. vegetarian , vegan , raw foods

Any change to your diet will begin with your body experiencing some side effects or withdrawal symptoms e.g if you give up coffee you may experience headaches. This doesn’t mean that you immediately grab a cup, it is your body’s way of beginning to get rid of the toxins - keep going. Use the change as an opportunity to discover new healthy eating patterns and pay more attention to what you're putting into your body.

A few questions to ask yourself during the month:

  • How are my energy levels?
  • How is this change affecting my mood?
  • How is this impacting my emotional, physical, social and or spiritual wellbeing?
  • Now that I have finished, what difference or change can I make long term that will help me to make positive food choices and improve my health.

Remember to make the change simple and easy to remember, and to tell someone what you’ve committed to so that they can help motivate you to stay on task.

It's the small changes that make the most difference.

If your stuck for ideas this buzzfeed article has some handy tips.

If you have any health problems or eating disorders please consult your GP or health care professional before making changes to your diet. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other weight loss programme to determine if it is right for your needs.