With pressure building up as year 11 head towards their GCSE’s we were asked to lead a session looking at ’how to deal with stress’ in Hitchin Girls School. We spent the first part of the lesson looking at where they get stressed and the things they already do to try and relieve it. We then spent the rest of the session talking through 5 different areas that we can deal with stress, giving time for them to think it through and find practical ways that it could work for them. The 5 areas were; planning your time, limiting distractions, being action orientated, looking after physical well being and making it enjoyable.

It was great that the students really engaged with the material and discussions and that they were finding new practical ways for themselves to deal with stress. One student commented at the end ‘I thought I had hit a dead end with dealing with stress but I now have loads of new ideas to try’.

Every year around exam time we have many conversations with students about how to deal with exam stress.  Since running these sessions, we have had many conversations and comments from students thanking us for the help and also letting us know what has worked for them!  One student said ’I tried that relaxation thingy and it worked!  I then tried it on my brother and he loved it! It is always so encouraging to hear that what we are doing is making a difference!