What's been on our screens

What's been on our screens


Have you every wondered what someone else is looking at on their computer or laptop screen? What articles are they reading? What songs are they listening to? What apps are they using? Maybe they could help me. Well i have, sometimes I even take a sneaky look. :)

Then I thought if I'm curious maybe others are too. So I've come up with a list of some of the interesting articles, apps and music that we've come across in the last month, that might be worth you having a look at.



  • Check out a TED talk - try one of our favs from Amy Cuddy who is helping us to boost our confidence, or this one helping you save the planet one paper towel at a time or this fun one about being creative
  • This BGT audition


  • One to help you sort out Things
  • One to help you Recolour
  • Two whole list of apps to help with mental health 1 2

Music/ Playlist

  • How about dancing to Musicals
  • Something to help you connect with your inner Disney child
  • Songs you may already know with an acoustic twist


Now this is a great moment to step away from your screen and go and enjoy some sunshine 😎

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