We asked our Naomi what she thought about Westbrook Reloaded summer camp, here’s what she said:

I chose to go to Westbrook Reloaded because it’s a great week away where you can be with likeminded people and have fun. I went to Westbrook with a good group of friends which made me even more excited to go because I knew I would be having this amazing holiday with them. Many people would have said the best part of Westbrook Reloaded was the messy games or the giant water fight, but for me I think the highlight of camp was going into the town and trying to hunt down the leaders that were in fancy dress. I also really enjoyed the worship in the evenings, there were serious bits and funny bits and chances to sing, even if “Hey Brother” got a bit old by the last night, it was always a part of the day I looked forward to. Westbrook Reloaded has had a huge impact on me, particularly on my faith because I got to see how amazing God is and that He does have a plan for us and that He knows what is going to happen even when we’re really confused. The week away has helped me learn more about God which will help me for the year ahead because there isn’t always someone to ask when you have a question about God but there was at Westbrook!!

Westbrook Reloaded was a fantastic week where young people just like Naomi had great fun and also had the chance to think about life’s biq questions!