How I won even though I failed

How I won even though I failed

This post is supposed to be all about how I got on with the June Wellbeing challenge. I write them, I decide what we're doing, I even Instagrammed it and this is the point where I show you some amazing artwork 😳but he’s the thing I didn’t do it.🤭

Here's what happened.
As much as I'd like to believe it, I'm not a superhero - now I can do pretty amazing things but I can’t do everything.
At the beginning of the year I made a plan of what the wellbeing challenges would be and this was the one I was looking forward to.
I love art and I haven’t really made time to do any of it recently, so I was really excited when this challenge came around.

The problem is I've physically had no time. Apart from being at work during the day I'm knee deep in helping my sister plan her wedding which is quickly approaching and because I am the ‘crafty’ person in the family this means there is a lot of handmade items which are taking over my evenings, as well as all the things that come with being a bridesmaid, the maid of honour and a big sister. I think you get the picture.

So the short version is I didn’t do the challenge - and you know what? That's ok. Would I rather have ticked the box that says I did the challenge or the one that says I’m making once in a lifetime memories with my sister? I choose the latter.

Here's the thing. There are opportunities to do things all the time but depending on what else we have going on we will not always be able to take those up, and that's nothing to beat yourself up about. I'll be doing the next one and I can even decide that I can do this one myself at a later date.

We each have our own journeys, patterns and rhythms to life which means we all won’t be doing the same thing at the same time.

The wellbeing challenges are here to give you ideas and a boost to encourage new healthy habits. They are NOT there as a competition and I think I just needed to be reminded of that.