As we draw to the end of July (which currently has been the best month for weather!!) and welcome in the summer, the wellbeing challenge this month has been to keep a gratitude journal!

So what has Kieran done this month as part of this extremely good challenge? I have been playing the glad game! What is the Glad Game I hear you ask? It is writing down three things each evening that you have been glad for that day.

It is a simple thing, does not take much time at all, however, it has a very powerful impact on how you feel and how you look at the world around you.

Each evening I think about what has happened that day and make a note of it, I also try to start the day the same way. As a Christian, I often start my prayers with the things I am grateful for, having an attitude of gratitude makes life that bit brighter.

So what are some of the top things on my gratitude list?

  • My daughter Lily running and giving me a huge cuddle everyday I collect her from childcare.
  • Sunsets - they have been rather fabulous during May
  • An anonymous gift in the post!
    A book about chopping wood - my new favourite past time!
    Why not try this yourself, you can tweet us and let us know how you get on!