Try something new

Try something new

New year, new decade, new start, new hopes, new dreams, new, new, new!!

As we begin a brand new year it can be a great time to think about how we want this year to be different from the last, a chance to reflect on the changes we can make to improve ourselves, our wellbeing, our overall outlook on life and focus on the outcomes we long for.

Now this is not a blog post about how to create and keep new years resolutions, if you’re looking for that, have no fear, I have just the thing for you right here! (BBC Ideas have a great short video about why building habits can be difficult.)

No, this post is about how we can use the new year to get out of a rut and try some new things! In fact trying new things is great for our mental wellbeing as it reengages your brain, takes you out of autopilot and helps activate the feel good chemicals. Using the grey matter is key.

Trying new things has huge benefits:

  • Overcome fear
  • Get to know yourself better
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Builds positivity

Often we want to try new things but get worried or anxious about whether we will be good at it, like it, make a fool of ourselves etc. However, often the fear of it is much worse than the reality. Every year I like to set out some goals, challenges, hopes etc, they help me to have a focus but also encourage me to step outside my comfort zone. Here are some of the things I aim to try this year that are new (to me!):

Try 12 new recipes

If your house is anything like mine, then you have a dedicated space in the kitchen for recipe books. Now unlike me, you might actually use them! In the busyness of family life, work, scoring goals at Monday night football, I realised that I have not tried any new meals and have just been going with the regular Murphy family dinners.
This year I want to try 12 new recipes. I figured that one a month should be achievable. Why did I choose this? For a variety reasons, firstly cooking is not my strong point, I will not starve but I am also not going to win any prizes or Michelin stars with my poached eggs on toast. Trying new recipes will hopefully help me to improve my cooking skills, knowledge and confidence in the kitchen. Not only this, but I enjoy food, I enjoy experiencing new tastes and flavours and this will give me a great opportunity.

New exercise plans

Sport and exercise are my go to de-stress methods, I enjoy pushing myself physically as well as keeping fit. If you’re looking for some good motivation to get going, then Lizzie has the blog post for you!
Fitting in exercise can be difficult and I realised that I have not changed up my workout programme for a while. Much like our mental ruts, if we allow our muscles to get use to the same old same old then they are very clever and workout how to be the most efficient meaning that we do not burn as many calories or make the most of the activity – the unknow shocks them into working harder! This year I aim to follow a variety of exercise plans that are between 4 – 8 weeks long. This means I should make my way through at least six different programmes, learn new exercises and get me out of a gym rut!

These are just two of the new things I aim to try this year, other things that are on my list are: listen to new podcasts, complete a new Bible reading plan, read books from authors new to me, try out some new walks with my family and learn some DIY skills. Whether you are a fan of new year’s resolutions or not, what could you do that is new, that gets you comfortably uncomfortable and takes you out of a rut of helps brings some newness to your routine? I’d love to hear what you plan to do, let me know via social media @phasehitchin

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