Time Trek

On the Tuesday in half term we gathered at HCC for this terms Time Trek event. Aided by an amazing team of volunteers we ran an afternoon of fun, games, crafts, drama and music. This time we were joined by 50 kids from different churches and schools across Hitchin.

We looked at the first part of the story of Moses; how he was saved as a baby and how he met God through a burning bush. Focussing on the ideas of being chosen and God going with us in everything that we do. It was great to hear one child say ‘It’s amazing to know that I am chosen by God and I don’t need to worry about anything now’.

We’ve also had really positive feedback from parents saying that their children don’t stop talking about Time Trek in the days after and some being put to the test on their knowledge of Moses. One parent took the time to e-mail to say “thank you again for my child’s lovely day out. We hope to see you and your fab team in May!”.