Time TrekIn February of half term we had the latest instalment of our one day holiday club called Time Trek. We were looking at the story...

Time Trek

In February of half term we had the latest instalment of our one day holiday club  called Time Trek. We were looking at the story of Joseph and after leaving him in a well at the end of our event in October everyone was desperate to hear what happens to him. Things didn’t really get much better as he spent this event being a slave (although a very good one) and then in prison. We used these situations that Joseph found himself in to think about how we can be a blessing to others whatever situation we are in and how God might be preparing us.

The Professor and Pip, who are like a time travelling Laurel & Hardy, guide us through time as we explore this story making pitstops to play games, do some crafts and eat pancakes. Time is also spent trying to keep up with the actions to some very energetic worship songs and discussing how we can apply what we are learning to our own lives. One of these applications was about being a blessing to others and it was great hearing answers ranging from tidying my room without being asked to being nice to my little sister.

We had some really positive feedback from parents following the event, one of them commenting “My daughter loved it all, she had a lovely time. The Joseph that she made came with us everywhere we went the next day, I even had to rummage under the car seat when he got blown under there.”

Over the last 5 years we have seen Time Trek grow and grow, this time we had 70 children join us for the afternoon which is a record! We also had 10 young leaders from different churches come and help out which was great to have so many teenagers willing to give up their time and be such a positive influence to the children. We also had an amazing team of adult leaders that we wouldn’t be able to do this without! If you would be interested in joining the team then please e-mail us at timetrek@phase-hitchin.org.