Throughout the year we have various people come into help us with different projects and activities, one person who has given time over the last few years is Simon Bagg.  For the past few summers, Simon has come into PHASE to help us prepare for our summer camps - Westbrook Reloaded.
We recently caught up with Simon, who is at Leeds University and asked him a few questions about why he gets involved, here is his responses:
What is it like helping the team at PHASE?
My time at PHASE is always memorable. Not only because of the characters that inhabit the office but also because of what we do. It is not your average story when you come home from work and tell your friends and family that you had made a life sized Captain America shield or cardboard basketball backboards! I am always given exciting and new opportunities that I relish and take on with gusto and momentum to make the visions and dreams of PHASE and Westbrook Reloaded happen.
So this year Simon, somehow you persuaded two of your friends to come and help out, what inspired you to do this?
I could see that the amount of things to be prepared was too much for one person and knowing that James and Alex had free time, it seemed like an obvious plan.  It was easy to get them on board with doing it, as everyone at PHASE made us all feel so welcome.  Not only that, but we knew that we were enabling Kieran and Paul to keep doing the great work in schools, while we made their plans for camp a reality! 
Sometimes we did wonder what was going to happen on Westbrook Reloaded, as well as the previously mentioned we also built a 6” wedding arch, 40 cardboard ducks, 2 photo frames and many other items all to be used for the camp. We managed to achieve all that was asked of us and not paint any walls (which Kieran knows is a personal achievement for me!)
So it was a busy few weeks!  Would you do it again next year?
Would we do it again? N… Yes of course we would! Thank you to all of the support that James and Alex gave and for everyone that supports PHASE and its efforts. It feels great to know that I have played a part on changing the lives of young people!  See you in the summer!!
If you would like to know how you can get involved and make a difference to young peoples lives too, just contact the office.