Self-harm is an issue that has been becoming more prevalent over recent years and can affect anybody no matter what age or gender. For over 10% of young people self-harm is an on-going issue.  As youth workers going into schools this has been an issue that we have been encountering more and more as we talk to students.  As a team we have made sure that we have received training and broadened our knowledge of self-harm so that we can support both schools and students.

Over the past few weeks we have been delivering an assembly to every year group in Hitchin Girls’ School on the subject of ‘How do you cope?’ focusing on the issue of self-harm and making the students aware of healthy coping mechanisms and also where they can access support in school if this is something that they are worried about.

Laura Cole, Head of Philosophy and Ethics said: “The sensitive delivery of assemblies to all year groups about self-harm has brought a challenging subject to the front of students thinking. The impact of these assemblies is already being seen as girls who had previously kept quiet about their struggles have felt that they can come and speak about the stress that they are under. The guidance that Kieran was able to offer in order to help the school develop a strategy for supporting those who self-harm was priceless and we are so grateful for the time, energy and prayers he offers as we deal with such a sensitive subject.”

In January we will be running Alumina courses designed by  that take young people through a 6 week programme aimed at giving them the tools to cope and gain the tools needed to deal with life and the pressures they face.

It is another reminder of the importance of the work that PHASE carries out working across the schools, serving and supporting young people.  If you would like to help us in our mission by becoming a supporter then please follow this link.

If you or someone you know is struggling with self-harm then please contact the office.