Reflection and planning

Reflection and planning

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We’re coming close to the end of the year now. Christmas anticipation is looming, parties are in full swing, schools are focused on getting to the end of Friday 20th and presents are being bought and wrapped.

How are you feeling about Christmas? We were just talking in the office the other day about how it’s easy to think everyone else is having an Instagram perfect time, soft focus shots, everyone getting on nicely, loads of presents, tasteful – you know the sort. I don’t know the stats but I’m happy to take a guess that 0% of us have the absolutely perfect time.

Isn’t this real life though? Anyway, I've distracted myself…

Inevitably Christmas, and the end of the year, can turn into a rather introspective season. We think about what’s happened in our lives since January, the goals we had that we’ve achieved, the challenges that we’ve overcome and the struggles that we’ve had along the way. I start to think about what I want to achieve next year, in all aspects of my life – family, personal, work, finances and friendships.

This year I’ve been challenged to make more space for God to talk to me in this planning and anticipation time. I’ve got two full weeks off work and I’m going to use the headspace for some rest, prayer and reflection. My plans won’t necessarily be grand and world-changing, but they are goals for the year that

  1. Are achievable
  2. I can account for
  3. Are in more than one area of my life – so I’ve got at least one in my ‘personal’, ‘work’ and ‘family/household’ categories

I find it helpful to separate my thoughts in this way but that might not work for you.

How are you going to use your time off school or work to reflect on what you’ve achieved and experienced this year and have a little think about what’s ahead?

Have a peaceful, blessed and joyful Christmas from everyone at Phase. Thank you for reading our blogs – if you have topics you would like us to cover or would like to write us a guest blog please get in touch with us!

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it (Proverbs 16:9)

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