Take on a challenge for Phase

Take on a challenge for Phase

It's Easter weekend, spring has sprung AND for the first time ever next month is… *drumroll please*

...Phase Active April!!!

Throughout the month we’re asking people to consider signing up for events or challenges taking place in the coming year from tough mudder to triathlon. 

To start the month and get us all in the spirit, I’m organising a group from my church and football project to take part in the Easter Monday Pilgrimage from Hitchin to St Albans cathedral - a gentle 20 mile stroll in the Hertfordshire countryside.

For those of you wanting to up the intensity, I’ve compiled a shortlist of events in the local area coming up this year that are likely to be of interest (I know I'm very interested in the Stevenage marathon!):

  • Stevenage marathon/half marathon (the full marathon only takes place once every decade!!!):


  • Hitchin triathlon 


  • Standalone 10K


  • Stevenage 10K


These are just suggestions and you can absolutely sign up for events not on this list as part of Active April. We’d also encourage as much creativity as you can muster if you fancy organising your own active event. Fancy dress football anyone?

To be clear, we’re only asking you to sign up in April. The event you’re signing up for (or organising) can be taking place anytime in the coming year, up to April 2025. There’s an active goodie bag on offer for anyone who gets involved as well as support for your fundraising campaign.

I’m personally super excited about Active April. At Phase we’re passionate about seeing young people improve their wellbeing and resilience. 

Meanwhile, for all of us, setting ourselves a challenge or goal, getting outside and doing something we enjoy with people we love are all great ways of improving our wellbeing. We hope that by signing up for Active April you won’t just be doing an amazing thing to support us, you’ll be doing an amazing thing for yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing a challenge. 

We couldn't be more grateful for your support and we'll be cheering you on every step of the way!

To register your interest, please fill out the Google form below:


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