On Your Marks

On Your Marks

In the first few weeks of term we have been meeting new year 6 students as we start our programme of transition workshops. We have delivered 9 workshops in 8 different schools seeing over 250 students.

The workshop gives students 3 key themes to think about that will help them get the most out of year 6 and also help prepare them for moving up to year 7; they are Responsibility, Resilience and Role model.

We spend some time thinking about what they are good at through playing a card game and then share a simple, yet powerful illustration about how they can manage their time well with the growing pressures around them.

We finish the workshop playing another game that helps the students think about what they are looking for when choosing a secondary school before they start visiting the schools in the following weeks.

Right at the beginning of the workshop we ask the students what they are excited and worried about for year 6 and year 7. It is great to give the students a chance to voice these thoughts and then get to address some of their worries through the workshop.
Steve Wheat, year 6 teacher from Mary Exton Juniour School commented:

"It was really well planned and delivered. The children enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of it"

Kat Hudemann, year 6 teacher Whitehill Junior School said

"Brilliant, engaging and valuable as always"

Our next workshops with year 6 is at the end of November to think about the Christmas story with the students. If you would like to come and help at these workshops then please e-mail Paul.