On Your Marks

Our year 6 programme of workshops got underway in September. We delivered a workshop called On Your Marks to 8 different junior schools, which is over 250 students!

During the workshop we look at how students can get the most out of year 6 and look ahead to them being ready for secondary school. Responsibility and being a role model are 2 key themes that we use. They are also in the middle of visiting secondary schools, getting ready to choose where they would like to go. We do an activity which helps them explore what key characteristics and facilities they would like at secondary school.

The pictures above shows Paul leading an illustration with apples, marbles and water demonstrating that to prioritise things we do in a helpful way we need to put the big things (apples) in first. Students found this a really engaging way of thinking about their life and one student commented that ‘this has made me think completely differently about the way I spend my time’.

Teachers commented saying that the workshops were ’superb, once again a valuable experience for pupils and me’ and ’Excellent, gets the children thinking without worrying them’.

Our programme of workshops continues at Christmas, then Easter and then we finish off the year with It’s Your Move at the end of June.

We had 10 volunteers from different churches across Hitchin helping us deliver these workshops, if you would be interested in getting involved then please do get in touch.