May Wellbeing Challenge

May Wellbeing Challenge


Ditch the news

April Showers bring May flowers. Spring is time of hope and new life, where things that looked like they were dead have new life. Yellow is normally the colour that is associated with spring but with the invention of things like social media and 24hr news outlets we can often focus only on things that are negative.

The challenge this month is to ditch the news. No this doesn’t mean ignore what’s happening in the world but it is to encourage you to look for those positive things that are happening in and around the world. Good things are happening each and every day somethings we just have to search for them.

So every day this month your challenge is too look for a positive news story, it can be something that’s happening in your local neighbourhood or on the other side of the world. Then make a point to share it with at least one other person, start a discussion, bring it to other people’s attention.

Here are some sources of inspiration

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