Let’s Talk video

As Phase begins it’s journey on supporting young people struggling with issues such as self-harm, we are keen to give every young person the tools to be able to deal with the stresses and strains that todays world throws at them.

This first video is a pilot that we hope to be a catalyst for funding to produce more. Donna’s plan for these: ‘We want to create a resource that everyone can use and something that young people could access easily, so we had the idea of youtube videos! This first video sets the scene that we all have struggles, that we all need people to talk to and that each of us can sometimes choose to keep everything locked up! Through the work that we are doing we want to give young people the opportunity to talk about these struggles. We are currently developing an education pack to accompany the video so that schools beyond Hitchin can support their students’

The video has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, schools and mental health professionals as well as national organisations. We are currently applying for funding to be able to make the other videos a reality.

See the video here

If you would like to know more about these video’s or about the project as a whole, please contact Donna at the office.