Lauren was one of our young leaders at Holding Nothing Back at Hitchin Girls’ School, she is now at university studying to be a midwife.  Lauren popped back recently to visit the lunch group and so we took sometime to find out what difference Holding Nothing Back and Phase has made to her.

‘Having joined university this year I continue to acknowledge and appreciate the great work PHASE has done in growing my faith, as well as helping me share my faith in a work and student setting. I see how PHASE shares Jesus in this otherwise unreached platform of school, and see the need for this to be done elsewhere such as at University.

I attended CU throughout school helping to lead in my later years. Input from both Paul and Kieran has been invaluable and has grown my confidence and leadership skills over the years. It created a space to have fun, meet other people and learn more about Christianity in a relevant way. When I first joined in year 7, I was shy and quiet, but over the years, I grew in confidence and then being asked to become a leader really encouraged me.

This term I have been invited to undertake a leadership role at my University Christian Union. I will take many transferable skills from my time alongside PHASE and continually appreciate the work they do.’

It is a great joy to hear stories like Lauren’s and it spurs us on to seeing more young people grow in their leadership skills.