It's a process, not an event - remembering Mary

It's a process, not an event - remembering Mary

Hitchin Girls School was filled with kindness on Wednesday as students remembered their friend, Mary, who sadly died two years ago. Through the sadness, her friends gathered to spread positivity and selflessness as they recalled the wonderful person she was.

Around the school, interspersed with purple ribbons, were Post-It notes of encouragement. In the entrance hall, ribbons were filled with notes celebrating ways that the students had taken care of one another. And in Emily's Garden, her friends organised a cake stall where students could receive cake in exchange for doing something nice for someone else.

These wonderful expressions of kindness towards one another were a celebration of the person that Mary was. Her friends described her strength of faith, her enthusiasm in all that she did and in particular in taking care of others, and her love of her cat, Biscuit. They remembered her as having the biggest smile, and the best hairstyles. She loved learning, particularly history, but also showed genuine interest when others shared their passions with her. She had a wonderful sense of humour, too - sneaking snack wrappers into others' pockets, taking hundreds of selfies on her friends phones and doing a great Northern accent!

Common to all her friends were fond memories of Mary's care for others, and they honoured her positive attitude in their actions on Wednesday. So why not take a leaf out of their books, and Mary's, and do something today to put a smile on someone's face.

Love always hopes.