In the weeks leading up to Christmas we had the unique privilege of being able to deliver a short Christmas message to most of the students in the three secondary schools in Hitchin. In just a 10 minute slot during assemblies we talked about the hope of Christmas, what it means to Christians and what it can mean to everyone. 

In the picture above you can see some the students and staff that volunteered to come and be a part of our ‘Nativity scene’. You will see that there are some modern additions and we used this to talk about how Jesus can so often get crowded out by everything else going on. Not that there is anything wrong with so many of the additions that have come over the years but that through Jesus we can find something more special than anything else we could be given.

These assemblies are such a great way for us to be able to communicate a simple message to so many students and complimented really well the lessons and workshops that we were also doing about Christmas.