Holding Nothing Back Day - The Great British Come Dine With Me!

In the first week of the Easter holidays we got together with some of the young people from the different Holding Nothing Back groups (our lunchtime groups in the secondary schools). As you might be able to tell from the picture and the title of the day, food was very prominent in our activities, to varying levels of success! The young people were split into two teams and had to buy, prepare and cook a main course dish and dessert to go towards our evening ‘banquet’.

During the day we also had short reflections that led us on a journey through Easter week trying to get a fuller understanding of what was going on and the impact it can still have on us today.

The after dinner entertainment included a treasure hunt around town and games that the young people had come up with in their teams.

One young person sent us this feedback…

The Holding Nothing Back day was a great opportunity to think about the Easter story in a relaxed way. The refection sessions were some of my favourite parts of the day because everybody was able to take part and ask questions. It was cool to hang out with friends that believe similar things to you, sometimes I know I feel nervous about people treating me differently because of my faith but there wasn’t any weirdness with anyone, everyone was very comfortable with each other. The activities were really fun but, I don’t really trust Kieran’s cooking anymore!