Hitchin Youth Trust

Hitchin Youth Trust

We are very pleased to announce that Phase has recently received a grant for over £2000 from the Hitchin Youth Trust in relation to our Creative Space project.

The support from Hitchin Youth Trust will enable Phase to provide all the equipment, resources and materials needed to deliver Creative Space project for this year.

Creative Space is providing young people with alternative coping strategies to cope with over whelming feelings and emotions instead of engaging in self-harm.

One young person who attends Creative Space said

'Creative Space and the support from Phase has helped me to feel better about life and find new ways to cope. I'm grateful for Hitchin Youth Trust making this possible'

Phase is passionate about providing young people with the tool to cope with the complexities of teenage life, Creative Space is one of many projects that we are currently providing to young people free of charge. The work of Phase relies on the personal support of people and grants so that we can continue to provide these services. Phase is currently supporting over 100 young people facing struggles in life. Your support could enable us to help more, why not checkout our support page.

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