High Sheriff Award

Thursday evening saw PHASE receive a High Sheriff of Hertfordshire award for their work with young people in the community, specifically the ‘RISE’ project.  

RISE is an initiative aimed at equipping young people with the tools and understanding of themselves, their action and choices and that they have a part to play in their community, so that when they are faced with difficult choices that life throws at them, they will have the cognitive ability to make the right decision for themselves.  

We’re delighted to have been acknowledged by the High Sheriff’s awards. PHASE is working hard with the young people in the schools across Hitchin, providing meaningful support and life-changing advice.  We are passionate about making a positive impact on their lives.  We understand that growing up can sometimes be full of challenges and hard decisions and we want to be there for them, to provide holistic support to all the young lives with which we connect, whether it is through a lesson, an assembly or even a mentoring session, we want to give young people the tools so that they can become our community leaders of the future!