Harry’s Story

Part of our role in schools is to do one-to-one mentoring with students. Harry is one of these students, here is a letter that he sent us recently that he has allowed us to share with you all.

“For the past 3 months I have been receiving mentoring from Paul Harris to help with my depression. Back in September 2013 I was diagnosed with BiPolar and after a series of events regarding my problems in School I was put in contact with Paul to try and get myself back on track. Since September I have been seeing him weekly and lately have been able to cut that down to a fortnightly basis, this shows personally how far I have improved because of the help Paul has given me. At first we would go over what I felt was the issue for my problems, and then would see how we could go about overcoming the hurdles, then soon I would know what to do when I was put into situations like that instead of breaking down or freaking out. I would simply remember everything we had gone over to make sure I could move on, without this mentoring I would probably have made many more mistakes to regret. Now when we meet I know that any issues I have had during the week I can bring up with Paul and he will help me in making sure I don’t get back into the place I was in before.

I think with the risk of sounding cliché, I owe Paul and PHASE my life, the time they give up for helping someone like me is amazing and I feel that looking at how they helped me that these guys and girls deserve so much help back to make sure they can carry on doing what they are doing. I can’t urge those reading this enough to make sure they can keep running this fantastic organisation to make sure students in the position I have been in are given this chance to get back to normal and have a person to talk to like Paul.”