Easter Workshops

Easter Workshops

At the beginning of April, after being at Phase nearly 3 years, I finally was able to deliver the Easter workshops for the very first time. Lockdown and covid restrictions have interfered with many things over the past few years, but it felt strange to remember how much of my time at Phase has been affected by it. The previous 2 years, Easter has fallen in the middle of lockdown, and so being able to finally get into school and deliver the workshops was really exciting.

We start the Easter workshop with a quiz, with lots of crazy Easter facts. The fact with the best reaction always seems to be the price of the worlds most expensive Easter egg, which is from a company called Choccywoccydoodah, and costs approximately £25,000. I bring in a picture now to show them, just to prove that I'm not making it up. They do look pretty good, but I'm not sure they're quite worth it.

A theme of the Easter workshop is symbols, and so we do another quiz where the children have to recognise and name a lot of well known symbols. The church uses lots of symbols to remember the things that happened in Holy Week and the events of Easter weekend.

Morning after a cold night in the mountains.
Photo by Yannick Pulver / Unsplash

We finish the session by opening different Easter eggs to find these symbols, such as cloth, palm leaves and bread and wine, and reflect on the events that they represent.

Taken on the alter at church.
Photo by James Coleman / Unsplash

It's great to have an opportunity to talk about the meaning behind the Easter celebration, and answer questions about why it is such an important time of year for Christians.

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