Easter assemblies in Hitchin Girls School

The Easter Egg above looks really nice but when they were put in front students of Hitchin Girls’ School they didn’t last very long! As an introduction to our assembly we asked for 2 volunteers to come and eat as much chocolate as they can in 1 minute. They both lined up with a whole Easter egg in front of them, at this moment I pointed out that they weren’t allowed to use their hands. 

Without hesitation at the start of the minute they head butted the egg to break it up so they could fit the pieces in their mouth, this was quite a sight! The point from it was that the egg had to be broken to enjoy it.

After congratulating our volunteers and them sitting down we used this broken idea and related it to the Easter story. Explaining that in the Easter story there was brokenness on the Friday before the new life of the Sunday. We left the students with the challenge of where is there brokenness in their lives at the moment and where would they like to see new life, asking them to think this over during the Easter break.

Over 2 days we delivered this assembly to every student at Hitchin Girls’ School. One sixth former e-mailed later in the day saying ‘it was a really really good assembly this morning. The interaction was really good and I had a friend of mine asking questions about what you said. The message was put across in a really great way.’