Don't Let Time Pass You By...

Don't Let Time Pass You By...

British summer time ends on the 30th October and as usual we’ll all have a few days adjusting again to whether the clocks go forward or back. At the time of writing this we only have 74 days left of 2016, we are as they say on the home stretch. If you're anything like me you're wondering where the time went, it’s funny because I don’t really get reflective about my year until sometime near Dec 25th when all the turkey has been eaten and it’s time for the good old Christmas movie reruns. But this year has been different I’ve been more conscious of my time, how I spend it and what I use it on.

Of course, I’m sure just like me you made plans or even resolutions that never even made it past Jan 15th but there have been changes that have occurred whether they were planned or came about by surprise. The funny thing about time is you have no control, no control over the future things to come or the things in the past, all you can do is work on what you have right now.

Just the other day I read an article which got me thinking about what could have gone better and what I have learnt this year so far. I started thinking of the things I would change and put into place for 2017. But wait! Why am I waiting for 2017 to do them, why not just start now?

So I’ve made a plan to do something a little different this time, I’m going to use the next 75 days to make steps towards my goals, to intentionally make time to sit and listen to friends and family, to eat good meals, to reflect, to plan, to not wish away the days but to enjoy what I have and where I am – in this moment and at this time. I can use this last part of 2016 to make a big difference to my life and to those around me but it requires action.

My word for 2016 has been EXPLORE and there is still time to do that. Explore means to travel through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. It also means to inquire into or discuss (a subject) in detail. This word has really helped me look at things in a different way but just think of how different my days will be when I begin to do this on purpose. It’s the little things we do now that affect the possibilities and opportunities that come around later.

Imagine what would happen if we all decided to use the last days of 2016 more purposefully, whose day could you brighten up, whose load could you lighten, whose life could you change, whose year could you make a difference in?
So who’s with me?