Day 4 - The Incredibles

Day 4 - The Incredibles

The theme for the day was The Incredibles and it was also the day that we released the gunge! This is the day during summer camp where everyone is excited, but also nervous about what it will involve. However, it is always so much fun!

We continued the journey through the story of Jonah, thinking about how reluctant he was to follow God's plan and how we can often be just the same as Jonah. Living for God can often feel difficult.

With all of this in mind, the afternoon's activities put us all through our paces! There were races to move gunge from one place to another, porridge making with their feet and also the most fun, messy and exciting activity of all..... the gunge slide!

After all the mess and and mayhem of the day, we gathered together to think more about the story of Jonah. During the evening meeting many of the young people said that they wanted to live less for themselves and more for God; that they wanted to make a difference in the lives of those around them!!

As we locked up the house and there was silence around the place, I had a wonderful sense of how incredible today was!