Christmas Unwrapped

We have already delivered our first few Christmas Unwrapped workshops to year 6 students and have some more to come. In total we are delivering 11 workshops in 9 different junior schools seeing over 300 students!

We look at the Christmas story from a few different angles using quizzes and different challenges. We spend quite a bit of time looking at what actually happened and not what we now think happened, for example was there actually a donkey? I was looking at the part of the story where the wise men visit with one group and we were thinking about what the 3 gifts represented. Gold representing royalty, frankincense representing being worshipped and myrrh looking ahead to his death. One boy responded saying ‘I had never looked at Jesus as a baby in that way and how special him being born was’.

At the end we do a question time which has generated some brilliant questions, here are some examples:

Why do we have Father Christmas?

Why do we have Christmas trees?

Why did God choose Mary?

What is God like?

It has been great spending time looking at what Christmas is really about and spending time thinking through these questions with them. 

One student that stood out started the workshop suggesting that he was bored of the Christmas story because he has heard it so many times. By the end he responded to the teacher asking the class if they had learnt anything new by saying 'yeah, a lot!' 

One teacher commented 'The children responded really well to the interactive, relaxed, yet informative approach’.