Christmas Unwrapped

To build on the work we have been doing with year 6 students, this christmas we have been taking a new workshop called Christmas Unwrapped into the local junior schools. The workshop involves games, quizzes and different activities to explore the Christmas story and get to the bottom of what really happened and the relevance it has to us.

We also have The Professor (Tom Lewis from Christchurch dressed up, pictured above) come and answer all our Christmas questions ranging from why do we have Christmas trees, to is Jesus related to Santa, to why did Jesus come to earth. It has been a great time exploring these questions and many more with these students.

This year we have done the workshop in 4 different junior schools to about 100 year 6 students. It has been a great success and we are looking to do a similar workshop at Easter.

One teacher commented ’I always enjoy your sessions and my favourite bit is always the brilliant metaphors and illustrations which you use to get your ideas across! Brilliant!’