Children's Commissioner

Children's Commissioner

Shocking report by Children’s Commissioner reveals millions of children in England living vulnerable or high risk lives

On Tuesday 4th July the Children's Commissioner published some shocking findings from their recent analysis.

One of the key findings states that

800,000 children aged 5 to 17 suffer mental health disorders.

Unfortunately the reports states that it is likely that the figures are underestimated and that many children will be "under the radar".

“It is shocking that half a million children – a number equivalent to the entire population of Manchester – need direct intervention or care from the state because they are living vulnerable lives. On top of that there are many hundreds of thousands of other children growing up in potentially high-risk situations.

The report paints a bleak picture of what children and young people are facing, however, there is hope that it will change, as the commissioner states that things must change!

Our ambition as a nation should be for all our children to live happy and healthy lives. This report shows that millions are not doing so – and that has to change.”

For everyone involved in Phase, we are passionate about seeing the wellbeing of young people grow, improve and change. Phase want to see them living life in all its fullness.