A Level Results Day 2018

A Level Results Day 2018

You have been waiting for this day and its finally here. You’ve picked up your results, so what now?

Here are some great links to help you figure out what your results mean for you

You Passed - Congratulations 😊🍾

If you’ve done better than you expected why not have a look at this UCAS adjustment page

You didn’t get what you expectedIT’S NOT OVER 🤗🤔

You are not your results. Your results don’t define you and they don’t mean it’s the end. Exams and result are a little bit like keys, they help you open the door but there is often more routes to where you want to get to. Find someone to talk to about what other options you have.

Check out this UCAS page on clearing

If you're still undecided about what you want to do why not check out some of these alternatives to university-

Higher apprenticeship,
Take a gap year,
Foundation degree,
HND- Higher National Diploma,
Entry level job,
Work experience & Internships,
Sponsored or online degree, or even a NVQ

Have a read through these articles that share some more information about the different options.
Prospects alternatives to uni,
Ucas alternatives to university, Not going to uni,
10 alternatives