£4 for young people for change pt 3

£4  for young people for change pt 3

This November Phase is running a campaign across many of the church's encouraging people to sign up to support our work with young people struggling with self-harm.

Week 3:
Over the past two weeks we have heard about the issue of self-harm and how it is affecting over 800 young people here in Hitchin, we have heard about what Phase want to deliver to support all young people so that we see this issue decrease here in Hitchin.

Brendon is a popular boy who is full of character, very bubbly and energetic. He is different to his peers though and so beneath the confident exterior Brendon wrestles with his identity, who he is, what worth he has, so people really like him, questions that many of you have asked yourself at some point in your life. Brendon found these feeling, questions and worries over whelming and in order to manage these complex feelings Brendon started to self-harm, he was only 10 years of age when this started.
Working with Phase has provided Brendon with a safe space to explore his emotions, understand his feelings and build upon his strengths and talents.

Stats on self-harm:
Girls are more likely than boys to disclose self-harm but:
• In the past few years, there has been a 45% rise in the number of boys admitted to A&E for self-harm
• Suicide remains the most common cause of death in young men
This highlights the need to for Phase to proactively develop programmes that engage boys in these issues

For Phase to develop these programmes and support more young boys like Brendon they need to raise £15,000 –you can help them to do this by donating just £4, or make an even bigger difference and become a Phase Partner and give £4 per month.

What does £4 buy you? A magazine, a couple of newspapers or a few hours parking in Hitchin. £4 is not much, but what will it buy for Phase?
£4 will provide the self-harm support course handbook for a young person, £4 per month provides 1:1 support for a young person going through the struggles of self-harm, or a lesson for 30 young people on how to stay mentally healthy.

Heavenly Father
Your word tells us to look down on no one because they are young.
Help us to see all our young people as made in your image
And immeasurably valuable in your sight
Teach us to be like little children in our faith
Looking to you as your Father

Give us a passion for your work among children and young people
Help us to honour, love and protect them as you would do
Help us to enable them to flourish in their faith, and giftings
And help us walk in faith by example
To the glory of your name

If you would like to support this work then it is very easy, you can text: MAKE05 £5 to 70070 right now, however, the best way to support Phase, to help them make a lasting impact and to see the issue of self-harm in Hitchin decrease is to sign up to become a Partner, £4 per month will provide the support these young people need.