£4 for young people for change pt2

£4 for young people for change pt2

This November Phase is running a campaign across many of the church's encouraging people to sign up to support our work with young people struggling with self-harm.

Here is part 2:

So who is Phase?
Phase exists to support the development of wellbeing in young people. Phase aim to enable young people to develop resilience, the ability to cope with the stresses of life, and to live and thrive in today’s world.

Phase understands that growing up is full of challenges and hard decisions - whoever you are - and so Phase want to be there for all young people, providing support, encouragement and equipping them for the future.

Phase works across the primary and secondary schools here in Hitchin connecting with over 3000 young people each week.

Last week we heard about the issue of self-harm, the effect that it is having on young people here in Hitchin. This week Phase wants us to hear about what they are planning to do to combat this huge issue.

Phase has three key aims to their mental wellbeing work:
• Promote mental wellbeing for all young people
• Prevent those at risk developing onto self-harm
• Support those who are actively self-harming

Some of the key services Phase will provide young people are:
• Series of video’s and lessons to equip students with the tools needed to improve their mental wellbeing
• Deliver a range of workshops helping those at risk to understand emotions and triggers to self-harm
• Provide an 8 week course and ongoing mentoring for those struggling with self-harm

Story: Molly was always shy and quiet. She didn’t have many friends as she was always nervous about speaking to new people and worried what they might think about her. For two years Molly had struggled with self-harm and had hid it from everyone. Eventually it all came to light and she started to attend a self-harm support group run by Donna at Phase. Week by week Molly started coming out of herself, communicating with others, sharing her thoughts and feelings and visibly building in confidence. Molly is now best friends with one of the girls she met through the group and her school are amazed at how well she now participates in class.

Stats on self-harm
•The UK has one of the highest rates of self-harm in Europe
•A recent figures show 1 in 5 young people struggle with self-harm, that’s 800 young people in Hitchin

For Phase to develop these programmes, activities and resources so that young people do not have to suffer they need to raise £15,000 –you can help them to do this by donating just £4. £4 is not a huge amount; it’s the average price of a starter at a restaurant.
£4 will provide the self-harm support course handbook for a young person, £4 per month provides 1:1 support for a young person going through the struggles of self-harm, or a lesson for 30 young people on how to stay mentally healthy.

Prayer: Loving Father, we remember our young people who feel isolated and believe they are the only ones experiencing the anger, anxiety and stress that can lead them to self-harm. Please give them courage and opportunities to communicate with those they can trust, that they would not remain trapped by these beliefs. Amen.

If you would like to support this work then it is very easy, you can text: MAKE05 £5 to 70070 right now, you could put money in the collection buckets for Phase that are coming round now. However, the best way to support Phase, to help them make a lasting impact and to see the issue of self-harm in Hitchin decrease is to sign up to become a Partner, £4 per month will provide the support these young people need.