10am Friday 16th February will see a team of people including Kieran Murphy, Director of Phase are taking on a huge challenge of running 240KM in 24hrs!

It will all be happening at Archers Gym, in Hitchin.

Why such a challenge I hear you ask? It is all to raise money to continue and grow the work of Phase. Almost everything Phase delivers is free of charge so as many young people as possible can receiving support and hear about how they can improve their wellbeing and resilience.

Kieran says he is stepping up to organise and take part in this challenge because it will be both a fun personal test and also a great way to involve others.

There will be 12 runners in total, with some running for just one hour and others aiming to do 4 hours! The super fit Kieran is targeting 3 hours in total, although this will be extremely difficult as the furthest he’s ever run is 12km and that was 18 months ago (and he barely survived)!

There have been a variety of challenges on getting moving this from hair-brained scheme to reality and much of that has been made possible by the support and generosity of AZ Autos and HRJ Foreman Laws for sponsoring the event, as well as Archers Gym for hosting it. These companies are obviously staffed by legends as they are not only sponsoring the event, but running as well!

As a team we are aiming to raise £1500, if you can sponsor us, then we would be very grateful, follow this link or click on the image below.

Let’s get sweaty for a good cause!!

You can follow the event by connecting with our social media channels - Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.